A passion for Music … for three generations

Since the 1930s, the Prins family has sold and produced Jazz recordings, mixing passion with pride in bringing only the highest quality music to the public.

In 1942, Jeanpierre Prins was in the studio during his father, record store and jazz labels manager Ward Prins’ production of a Django Reinhardt recording session.

In 1991, he and his wife, Annemarie Prins, who owned the renowned record store MUSIC INN in Brussels, continued the tradition by launching GAM Records, a label dedicated to jazz and classical music.

Their son, Jeanfrançois Prins, a Jazz guitarist dividing his time between Berlin and New York City, was then the label’s artistic director and has now taken over the general direction.

GAM Records, created in 1991, is an independent label dedicated to the production of quality modern jazz, and original interpretations of classical compositions. The label presents music embodying two of the most essential qualities of music: emotion and energy. Knowing and respecting the Jazz tradition, GAM Records supports original voices, both famous and as yet unknown, in their artistic endeavors, and isn’t interested in creating clones of the past masters. GAM Records respects the artists’ vision, giving them the freedom to create at their best, and using today’s most advanced technology in recording techniques in order to capture the quality of the sound without interfering with the creation of the music. Even the studio recordings retain the magic of a live performance.

Back to Brussels in 2017, Jeanfrançois decided to revive GAM Records, and bring it further with new exciting productions, opening it up to other styles, e.g. world music and cross-over (classified under “Beyond”).

GAM Records recording artists are now performing all around the globe, sharing their powerful music live with their audiences.

We hope you will enjoy listening to our productions as much as we have enjoyed producing them and working with these marvelous musicians.