Judith Triumphans

Jean-Noël Hamal "Judith Triumphans" Oratorio

Judith: Maria CEUPPENS, soprano
Abra: Marie-Louise DECORTIS, soprano
La Basse: Jules BASTIN
Choir and soloists of the Université de Liège, and the Ensemble
Instrumental des Solistes de Liège, conducted by Frédéric Anspach.

Digitally remastered original World Premiere recording of this gorgeous oratorio written by belgian baroque composer Jean-Noël Hamal (1709-1778), Imperial canon, and musical director of the Saint Lambert cathedral in Liège, Belgium.

Featuring masterful choir and orchestra led by Frederic Anspach, as well as world renowned vocalists including bass Jules Bastin.


Référence : GAM 1101


  1. Choeur: Debellato Duce Ingrato... (Jean-Noël Hamal)05:20
  2. Récit: Non Horenda? (Jean-Noël Hamal)00:31
  3. Choeur: Vicit Deus (Jean-Noël Hamal)00:30
  4. Récit: Ceciderunt Superba (Jean-Noël Hamal)00:21
  5. Choeur: Debellato Duce (Jean-Noël Hamal)04:09
  6. Récit: Sat Laetitiae... (Jean-Noël Hamal)01:12
  7. Judith: Non Semper Super... (Jean-Noël Hamal)05:28
  8. Récit: Honor Populi... (Jean-Noël Hamal)00:44
  9. Judith: Vectorum In Procella... (Jean-Noël Hamal)07:05
  10. Récit: Quis Hic Plausus... (Jean-Noël Hamal)01:50
  11. Duo: Deturbato A Patria... (Jean-Noël Hamal)08:36
  12. Ite Fortes, Nec Dei... (Jean-Noël Hamal)00:41
  13. Air: De Valle Ombrosa... (Jean-Noël Hamal)07:28
  14. Récit: Hanc Igitur Victoriam... (Jean-Noël Hamal)00:23
  15. Choeur: Lacto Plausas... (Jean-Noël Hamal)04:18