Night Song

Putter Smith

Bass wizard Putter Smith convened a group of highly individual master instrumentalists. Together under his guidance, they weaved a mysterious, lush, profound message of beauty.

“During a lovely, long train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin recently, I had the pleasure to listen to some very nice music created by Putter Smith, a fine bassist and composer.
With Gary Foster, a long time spiritual buddy who plays better everytime I hear him, and John Gross, a cross between Warne Marsh and Coltrane (a very expressive player on the tenor sax), Peter Donald and Joey Baron sounding very involved (alternate dates), and Patrice Rushen and Dave Frishberg adding some musical harmonies, and an assortment of nice tunes.
They manage to take the sic(k) out of the music, and add a lot of the muse! (muse sick!!).
Thanks Mr. Prins for thinking enough of this program to make it available to us.” – Lee Konitz, saxophone legend


Référence : GAM 914


  1. The Story of O (Putter Smith)04:47
  2. White Flight (Putter Smith)04:23
  3. Valse Hot (Sonny Rollins)06:34
  4. Morbid Data (Putter Smith)04:52
  5. Teef (Sonny Redd)05:05
  6. Time (Richie Powell)05:07
  7. Along Came Betty (Benny Golson)05:50
  8. Marlene (Kent Glenn)05:23
  9. Giant Steps (John Coltrane)03:31
  10. Night Song (Ronnie Hoopes)03:09
  11. Putt's Blues (Putter Smith)05:46