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Belgian bassist André Klenes graduated with a First Prize for classical bass and chamber music from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Liège.

He also studied at the Jazz Seminar in Liège with Steve Houben, Charles Loos, and Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, and attended lessons, at the Dworp seminar, with U.S. bassists John Clayton and Wilbur Little.

As a freelance musician, he plays straight ahead jazz as well as classical music, studio work, and teaches private lessons.

Klenes is on the faculty for the “Jeunesses Musicales” (“Youth and Music” of the French speaking community in Belgium). He also composes original music

His experience includes : Classical music with the Symphony Orchestra of the R.T.B.F (Belgian Radio & Television), the Liège Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Orchestra of Belgium, Royal Opera of Wallonia, Versailles Opera, Chamber Orchestra of Huy.

Jazz music – accompanied or recorded with: Guy Cabay, Steve Houben, Robert Jeanne, Charles Loos, Jacques Pelzer, Jacques Pirotton, Jean-Pierre Catoul, Thierry Crommen, Jacques Stotzem, HELIOTROPE BIG BAND, BADIANE, Alain Eerts, TAKE IT EASY.

French chanson – accompanied or recorded with: L’AFFAIRE LOUIS TRIO, Alain Bashung, Kent, Marc Morgan, Renaud, Maurane, SOLE DONNA, William Sheller.

He released 2 albums with a string quintet for which he writes all the compositions, inspired by various influences (classical music, jazz, pop, folk music etc…).

André Klenes won the Roger Vanhaverbeke Bass Trophy 2011

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