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German jazz/pop vocalist Anne-Sophie Prins grew up in a very musical family (her mother is a professional vocalist/instrumentalist, and her father has always been active as an amateur vocalist and instrumentalist). Having started with Harp classes in Karlsruhe, Germany (1993-2005), she continued by studying classical singing as a mezzo soprano. She also has basic knowledge of accompaniment on the piano.

From 2000 to 2006, she took part in all productions incl. leading and soloist parts at the Musical Werkstatt in Graben-Neudorf.

She took private lessons with Susanne Muraro (former soloist at the Vienna State Opera) from 2003 to 2006.

From 2004 to 2006, she was part of the Choir at the State Opera Baden (Karlsruhe), where she took part of all productions, and with which she toured in Germany, Switzerland and France (a.o. at the Champions League Final in Paris – 2006).

Spending long periods of time abroad for her studies, then for her different jobs, she kept on singing in high-level choirs wherever she was (University Choir Maastricht, the Netherlands, Traditional Choir of Cotonou, Benin, Gospel Choir University College London, United Kingdom, Gospel Choir musical Amazing Grace by Tore W. Aas Karlsruhe, Germany, …)

Since 2010, she joined the Maria Palatine Band as a backup vocalist (and sometimes keyboardist), performing with her in Germany, Belgium and all over Europe, and recording a few CDs with her.

Besides her full-time day job, Anne-Sophie Prins keeps her performing career going, appearing regularly with Maria Palatine, and continuing working on her own pop/jazz projects.

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Maria Palatine Album my-voice-is-my-plea - GAM Music

My Voice is My Plea

Welcome to Maria Palatine's unique musical universe, where her crystal clear voice and virtuoso harp playing are the paint brushes she uses effortlessly to convey her take on our world, its utter beauty and desolation.