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Belgian first-rate trumpeter Gino Lattuca was born in Belgium of Italian parents. After studying with classical trumpet at the Mons Conservatory with André MARCHAL, he graduated with a First Prize for trumpet, and thereafter played a few concerts with the Orchestre National and that of the RTB (State Radio Orchestra).

Switching to jazz early on, Lattuca was frequently invited to participate with Félix Simtaine’s ACT BIG BAND, Fred Van Hove’s WIM BIG BAND, Claudine Simon’s LILITH, Bruno Castellucci’s quartet, Mimi Verderame’s quintet, and his JAZZ ADDICTION BAND (CD “Nice Cap”), Robert Jeanne quintet, Martin Doepke’s FREE TIME, and with KING SIZE DICK (German rock band). He also played with the BRUSSELS JAZZ ORCHESTRA, and recorded several CDs with them.

He recorded with the Italian singer Gianna Nannini, LILITH, DIVA SMILES, the KD’s PRETTY BIG BASEMENT PARTY, Myriam ALTER’s quintet as well as with the American vocalist Judy NIEMACK and Belgian singer David Linx, or with pianist Michael Blass, saxophonist Steve Houben, etc…

Gino was a soloist on the Jean-Pierre Gebler Belgian All Stars’ CD “Meggie”

His own bands always included top Belgian musicians.

In 1992, Gino LATTUCA recorded his first CD as a leader “My Impression”, with Michel Herr, Michel Hatzigeorgiou, and Mimi Verderame. In late 2009, he recorded his second CD “Bad Influence”, in quartet with Philip Catherine, Bart De Nolf, and Mimi Verderame.

Shifting from one style to another but always keeping a profound attachment to post-bop jazz, Gino Lattuca is an internationally respected soloist.


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