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Born near Liège in 1955, Belgian virtuoso jazz guitarist Jacques Pirotton started playing guitar as a self-taught musician at age 15, and appeared with different local groups. Thereafter, he studied jazz guitar at the Conservatoire de Liège.

In the following years, he had the opportunity to work with many Belgian and foreign jazzmen : Serge Lazarevitch, Richard Rousselet, John Thomas, Steve Houben, Guy Cabay, Jean-Pierre Gebler , Michel Herr, Félix Simtaine, Freddie Deronde, Jon Eardley, Garrett List, Barney Wilen, Michel Graillier, Pete Yellin, Chet Baker, Lennart Johnson, and Jacques Pelzer with whom he played in quartet and mainly in duo for more then ten years.

In 1987, Jacques Pirotton formed the fusion band “ARTLINE”. They recorded three albums : “Labyrinthe” (1988), “Jokari” (1989), and “Soty” (1992).

During the 90s, Jacques Pirotton appeared on the CD “Hommage à René Thomas” featuring the cream of Belgian jazz guitar players, and recorded CDs with the classical string quartet “Heliotrope”. He also appeared and recorded with the group Octurn, Erwin Vann’s band, The Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Jean-Pierre Catoul, Phil Abraham, Jean-Pierre Gebler.

Since 1981, Jacques Pirotton and Steve Houben have collaborated together in different musical projects, concerts and tours. They released a first CD in 1997: “We can’t stop loving you” in trio with Stephan Pougin. And, as the  “PHINC..” quintet, “Old Woes New Wail” in 2005.

Recently, Jacques Pirotton also played in acoustic duo with Fabrice Alleman, with Kurt Van Herck trio, “Jazz Me Do”, Guy Cabay 4tet, Jean-Pierre Gebler 5tet, in duo with Jacques Stotzem, Sal La Rocca 4tet.

Jacques Pirotton teaches jazz guitar at the Conservatoire de Luxembourg.

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