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Vardan Hovanissian Armenian world music duduk - GAM Music

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World music duduk player Vardan Hovanissian is recognised as a specialist in traditional Armenian woodwind instruments. The duduk, a double-reed instrument dating from the 5th century B.C., reflects the very sound and soul of Armenia, and its warm timbre is increasingly appreciated by audiences all over the world. Strongly rooted in traditional Armenian music, Vardan almost naturally creates links with the music of neighboring territories such as Turkey and Syria, and with other European folk and jazz influences.

A sought-after soloist, Mr. Hovanissian is featured on numerous recordings, including Maria Palatine’s “My Voice is My Plea” on GAM Records.

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Artist on GAM Records

Maria Palatine Album my-voice-is-my-plea - GAM Music

My Voice is My Plea

Welcome to Maria Palatine's unique musical universe, where her crystal clear voice and virtuoso harp playing are the paint brushes she uses effortlessly to convey her take on our world, its utter beauty and desolation.