Underwater Steps

Tatiana Alamartine

French Crossover Music pianist and composer Tatiana Alamartine gently takes us into her personal, warm and entrancing underwater world of beauty, one where minimalist melodies and ethereal soundscapes combine with playful and interactive duos in the blue zone where classical, jazz and pop coexist.

“With Underwater Steps, Tatiana is presenting us with a wide variety of compositions and high-quality guests. It is a gentle oddissey, where one’s attention is captured by her splendid piano touch, a deep feeling, and above all else lots of authenticity”.

Nora Kamm, German Saxophonist, flutist and composer, based in Paris


Référence : GAM 1702


  1. Once Upon a Time... Under the Sea (Tatiana Alamartine)5:04
  2. Paradox (Tatiana Alamartine)2:38
  3. Exploration (Tatiana Alamartine)6:09
  4. Underwater Steps (Tatiana Alamartine)5:32
  5. Arktic (Tatiana Alamartine)1:28
  6. Scaph (Tatiana Alamartine)3:27
  7. The Ice Song (Tatiana Alamartine/Charles Castellon)5:27
  8. Without Waiting (Tatiana Alamartine)3:10
  9. Mer de Libye (Tatiana Alamartine)4:43
  10. The Foil Song (Tatiana Alamartine)3:16
  11. So Pop (Tatiana Alamartine)1:32
  12. Floating in the Air (Tatiana Alamartine)7:03