Li'ang Zhao

Li'ang Zhao - chinese world music erhu virtuoso - GAM Music

©Photography / Christophe Charpenel


China, France

Born in JiNing (birthplace of Confucius) in 1993, Chinese erhu virtuoso Li’ang Zhao was originally a traditional musician, until his arrival in France in 2012.

He was then introduced to improvised music, particularly in world music and jazz.

Virtuoso of the erhu (Chinese two-stringed violin), he is the only graduate of the DEM of Jazz (Conservatoire de Lyon, France) with a ”non classical” instrument such as the Chinese violin.

For several years, he has been reinterpreting the traditional Chinese repertoire and shaking up the codes by bringing a Rock-Jazz touch to his country’s popular melodies. Some nicknamed him the “Jimmy Hendrix” of the erhu.

He created the group “Le Projet Schinéar” in 2013, a world music group with which he has traveled all over France and performed hundreds of concerts.

Since then, he never stops experimenting with other styles with various musical formations, in order to express his tremendous energy and poetry.

Artist on GAM Records

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