Voices in Flight – New Release! Out Now!

Judy Niemack - Jay Clayton

New York City is the center of many worlds, the jazz world being one of them, and musicians have always felt the pull of the Big Apple. In 1977, California-born vocalist Judy Niemack’s improvisation teacher, saxophonist Warne Marsh, told her to move there if she wanted to be a jazz singer, and once she did, she never looked back. Niemack’s experiences in New York shaped her career and life, and by the early 80’s she realized her dream—to be professional jazz singer. However, in order to have a career as a jazz singer, it was necessary to perform abroad, and this led to her move to Europe in 1992, where she resided in Brussels and later in Berlin, teaching vocal jazz and performing.

The album “Voices In Flight” is the result of her collaboration with veteran vocalist Jay Clayton, a brilliant and highly influential improviser and teacher. Judy and Jay met in the late 1970s on New York City’s vibrant music scene. At the time, Jay was performing avant-garde and experimental music in the jazz lofts and Judy had just arrived from California, making her debut at the Village Vanguard with Warne Marsh. Judy was on the lookout for inspired vocal improvisers and Jay fit the bill— a singer with her own sound, a free approach to improvising and an authentic way with a story. Over the years their friendship grew deeper and they became a source of inspiration for each other.

“Voices in Flight” marks their debut recording, with tracks featuring their voices together as well as in varied combinations with three internationally known jazz musicians. Accompanied by guitarist Jeanfrançois Prins, bassist Jay Anderson, and pianist John Di Martino, who create a brilliant and solid backing, they explore creative interplay in this musical mix, offering a diverse range of songs from the likes of Thelonious Monk and Kenny Dorham as well as poems, originals and re-arranged standards.
Using both lyrics and abstract sounds, the two vocalists communicate with ease while exploring the music’s beauty and emotional depths. Their seamless collaboration is a testament to their mutual respect and admiration for each other.

All original lyrics and a short personal foreword by Judy Niemack of each song featured on “Voices in Flight”


Référence : GAM 924


  1. Questions and Answers (Play Pen) (Curtis Fuller/Judy Niemack)6:50
  2. Ditto (Jay Clayton)7:25
  3. With You (Orange Blossoms) - Body and Soul (Idrees Sulieman/Judy Niemack - Green/Heyman/Sour/Eyton)6:10
  4. You (Hum) (Bob Brookmeyer/Judy Niemack)6:58
  5. Beloved (Phil Markowitz/Judy Niemack)4:25
  6. Beginner (Jay Clayton)4:33
  7. Looking Back (Reflections) (Thelonious Monk/John Hendricks)4:51
  8. Soaring (Lotus Blossom) (Kenny Dorham/Judy Niemack)4:49
  9. Haperchance (Jay Clayton/Jay Anderson)2:13
  10. Eagle Poem (Judy Niemack/Joy Harjo)6:28
  11. He's a Man (Sagittarius) (Curtis Fuller/Judy Niemack)5:41
  12. Like Water Off a Stray Dog (Judy Niemack)5:11
  13. Badadadat (Jerry Granelli/Jay Clayton)2:43
  14. Wondering (Judy Niemack)4:57