Jeanfrançois Prins

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guitar, vocals


Jeanfrançois Prins has become Belgium’s most international jazz guitarist – he spent most of his career between New York City and Berlin, until recently moving back to his roots: Brussels, and has performed and recorded all over Europe, the U.S., Latin America and Asia.

Jeanfrançois Prins is a melodic storyteller with an unmistakable sound. His music is poetic and passionate. One can hear him in a large variety of styles, from solo to big-band with orchestra.

He enjoys risk-taking improvisation and organic interaction. His lyrical fusion of romance and hard-swinging guitar is influenced by his encounters with World Music, Latin Jazz, French Chanson, Contemporary Classical music, Avant-Garde and Pop.

Jeanfrançois Prins has spent his adult life as a professional guitarist, vocalist, composer, arranger and producer, performing, recording and collaborating with many of today’s Jazz and acoustic music giants.

As an educator, he was leading the Jazz Guitar Departments at both music universities in Berlin for more than a decade, and teaching numerous classes and ensembles there, as well as at the ARTEZ Jazz University in Enschede. He gives workshops and master-classes internationally, communicating with enthusiasm his passion for this expansive music to the next generations of players.

Jeanfrançois Prins is featured in the book “The Great Jazz Guitarists – The Ultimate Guide” (Scott Yanow © 2013)

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Artist on GAM Records

Album Blue Note Mode - Jeanfrançois Prins - GAM Music

Blue Note Mode Out Now! Release Date: March 1st, 2024!

Belgian jazz guitar virtuoso Jeanfrançois Prins with a top NYC band recorded at Van Gelder Studio. Let the “Blue Note Mode” take you on a luminous journey.

Album Voices in Flight - Judy Niemack - Jay Clayton - GAM Music

Voices in Flight – New Release! Out Now!

“Voices In Flight" is the result of the collaboration between Master vocalists Judy Niemack and Jay Clayton.
This marks their debut recording, with tracks featuring their voices together as well as in varied combinations with three internationally known jazz musicians. Accompanied by guitarist Jeanfrançois Prins, bassist Jay Anderson, and pianist John Di Martino, who create a brilliant and solid backing, they explore creative interplay in this musical mix, offering a diverse range of songs from the likes of Thelonious Monk and Kenny Dorham as well as poems, originals and re-arranged standards.
Using both lyrics and abstract sounds, the two vocalists communicate with ease while exploring the music's beauty and emotional depths. Their seamless collaboration is a testament to their mutual respect and admiration for each other.

Album Mixology live - Stéphane Mercier Belgian Jazz All Stars - GAM Music

New Release – Mixology live – out Now!

“Mixology live” by Stéphane Mercier Belgian Jazz All Stars live at the Tournai Jazz Festival is an extraordinary 8-piece set comprised of wide-ranging original compositions and a couple of newly-arranged standard songs.
This is an exceptional group of individuals, allowing for unusual combinations of instrumentations, styles and strong personalities all focusing on one common goal: playing great music together.
It features the talents of internationally renowned Belgian music masters: David Linx, Charles Loos, Jeanfrançois Prins, Nathalie Loriers, Vincent Bruyninckx, Fabrice Alleman, Daniel Stokart, Toine Thys, Paolo Loveri, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Nicolas Thys, and Bruno Castellucci.

Album Songs of Berlin - Berlin Jazz Orchestra feat. Marc Secara - GAM Music

Songs of Berlin – in our store and on all digital platforms now!

In a collaboration with American arranger and producer JACK COOPER and American trombone legend JIGGS WHIGHAM, the BERLIN JAZZ ORCHESTRA feat. MARC SECARA presents all hues of contemporary Big Band Sound.
Revisiting many classic songs written about the city of Berlin, they pay tribute in an intimate yet extraordinarily energetic way to this multi-faceted and historically charged city, their city.

Album Avant un Reve - Loos/Prins/Walnier - GAM Music

Avant Un Rêve

Three stellar Belgian musicians from both the jazz and classical scene form this unique "chamber jazz" constellation (piano, guitar, and cello), to offer us an original repertoire full of heart-stirring melodies, entrancing soundscapes, and interactive and highly dynamic improvisations.

Maria Palatine Album my-voice-is-my-plea - GAM Music

My Voice is My Plea

Welcome to Maria Palatine's unique musical universe, where her crystal clear voice and virtuoso harp playing are the paint brushes she uses effortlessly to convey her take on our world, its utter beauty and desolation.


This pure jazz guitar trio album was recorded just a few days after the September 11, 2001 attack on NYC. The trio felt that it was therefore even more important than usual to focus on sharing music, and ultimately sending all that positive energy out in the world.

Jeanfrançois Prins - album-beauty-and-the-prince - GAM Music

Beauty & the Prince

Guitarist Jeanfrançois Prins has once again created a rich, multi-textured musical tapestry with a collection of grooving jazz standards, originals, and fusion tunes. The interaction between Prins and his band, each a world-renowned player in his own right, shows the intense listening and mutual inspiration felt by all.

lee-konitz jeanfrancois-prins live - GAM Music

Live at Manhattan Jazz Club

"Lee Konitz stands out as one of the most beautiful poets in this expansive music. He's been an inspired improviser all his life and it comes through his horn in every breath!!
Jeanfrançois Prins is becoming a real voice on the guitar with a warmth that's all his own. His trio is a perfect match with Lee." Joe Lovano

richard-rousselet waitin' for you - GAM Music

Waitin’ for You

This Belgian Jazz All Stars quintet plays original compositions and arrangements on jazz standards with much originality, lightness and a deep understanding of the various styles of jazz history.

Mary Kay - Make-Someone-Happy - GAM Music

Make Someone Happy

"Mary Kay has been "singing her heart out" for many years, and finally had the opportunity to make a recording surrounded by some of the finest Belgian musicians.
I was very happy to participate in the project. Open your heart to Mary's heart and "she'll make you happy"" Toots Thielemans

Jeanfrancois Prins - album new york stories - GAM Music

N.Y. Stories

Jeanfrançois Prins, who cuts here his first CD, is a JAZZ guitarist, thoroughly bred from the right sources. He already has a very personal sound and picking style.
JF, we are expecting a lot from you! (and your partners...) - BRAVO" - Toots Thielemans

happy birthday jazz joyful - GAM Music

Happy Birthday

Tired of ALWAYS hearing the same old Happy Birthday recordings everyone else uses?
Here is an original, joyful, humorous, and wonderful alternative!
4 different takes on a jazzy birthday.
Enjoy and share with your close ones!


Album My Voice is My Plea - GAM Music

My voice is my plea

GAM Records proudly announces their new release "My Voice is my Plea" from singer / harpist extraordinary Maria Palatine. Welcome to the unique musical universe of Maria Palatine, with her crystalline voice and her virtuoso harp

Read More

Avant un rêve

GAM Records proudly announces its new release “Avant un Rêve” from the trio Loos/Prins/Walnier. Three stellar Belgian musicians from both the jazz and classical scene form this unique "chamber jazz" constellation

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