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Berlin Jazz Orchestra feat. Marc Secara

“Countless artists from all genres were inspired by Berlin – from Berlin icons like Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht to Pop giants such as David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Lou Reed. We’re very excited to pay this loving tribute to our great city!” – Marc Secara

In a collaboration with American arranger and producer JACK COOPER and American trombone legend JIGGS WHIGHAM, the BERLIN JAZZ ORCHESTRA feat. MARC SECARA presents all hues of contemporary Big Band Sound.

Revisiting many classic songs written about the city of Berlin, they pay tribute in an intimate yet extraordinarily energetic way to this multi-faceted and historically charged city, their city.



Référence : GAM 921


  1. In Dieser Stadt (Charly Niessen)4:15
  2. Where Are We Now (David Bowie)4:09
  3. Berliner Luft (Paul Lincke/Heinrich Bolten-Baeckers)4:10
  4. Haus Am See (Pierre Baigorry/David Conen/Ruth Maria Renner/Vincent von Schlippenbach)4:28
  5. Goldelse (Jack Cooper)4:06
  6. Berlin (Lou Reed)4:52
  7. Berlin Im Licht (Kurt Weill)2:56
  8. A Great Day For Freedom (David Gilmour/Polly Annie Samson)6:02
  9. For Someone Never Known (Jiggs Whigham)6:39
  10. Mackie Messer (Kurt Weill/Bertolt Brecht)3:14
  11. Ich Hab Noch Einen Koffer In Berlin (Rudolph Maria Siegel/Aldo von Pinelli)4:56