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Simon Harrer is a jazz trombonist.

He was born in Singen, Germany, in 1978. After four years at the Eisler College of Music in Berlin studying with Jiggs Whigham and Sören Fischer, he was booked as freelancer musician and started to teach at the College of Music in Leipzig.

Performing as sideman and playing in ensembles like RIAS Big Band, Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra, Heavytones, Sunday Night Orchestra, Berlin Jazz Orchestra, Deutsche Oper Bigband, Frankfurt Radio Big Band, Till Brönner Orchestra, Moka Efti Orchestra, Voice Of Germany Band, and many more, he never lost his commitment to teaching.

In 2014 he was appointed to a professorship at the College of Music in Dresden.

One can hear him on CDs of „Seeed“, Andreas Kümmert, „Moka Efti Orchestra“, Peter Fox, Thorsten Skringer, Manfred Krug and many more.

Currently, he lives in Berlin and works on Big Band projects and recordings.


Artist on GAM Records

Album Songs of Berlin - Berlin Jazz Orchestra feat. Marc Secara - GAM Music

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In a collaboration with American arranger and producer JACK COOPER and American trombone legend JIGGS WHIGHAM, the BERLIN JAZZ ORCHESTRA feat. MARC SECARA presents all hues of contemporary Big Band Sound.
Revisiting many classic songs written about the city of Berlin, they pay tribute in an intimate yet extraordinarily energetic way to this multi-faceted and historically charged city, their city.