Jonas Schoen

Jonas Schoen - German alto, soprano saxophonist - GAM Music

©Photography / Dovile Sermokas

alto sax, soprano sax


Jonas Schoen’s voice as a soloist as well as a composer/arranger is deeply intricate, sometimes dark and dense, sometimes bright and ethereal, but always with a very strong and personal sense of beauty.
Jonas Schoen-Philbert is a saxophonist, composer, arranger, lecturer, bandleader and label owner.
He worked with NDR- and hr-Bigbands and has been touring Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.
Jazz, Funk, Soul, Pop and contemporary classical music are important parts of his musical cosmos as a player and writer.

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Album Songs of Berlin - Berlin Jazz Orchestra feat. Marc Secara - GAM Music

Songs of Berlin – in our store and on all digital platforms now!

In a collaboration with American arranger and producer JACK COOPER and American trombone legend JIGGS WHIGHAM, the BERLIN JAZZ ORCHESTRA feat. MARC SECARA presents all hues of contemporary Big Band Sound.
Revisiting many classic songs written about the city of Berlin, they pay tribute in an intimate yet extraordinarily energetic way to this multi-faceted and historically charged city, their city.