Live at Manhattan Jazz Club

Lee Konitz & Jeanfrançois Prins Trio

In the short history of jazz there’s only been a small handful of truly creative, inventive improvisers. Lee Konitz stands out as one of the most beautiful poets in this expansive music. His playing and concepts have been a big part of my development. He’s been an inspired improviser all his life and it comes through his horn in every breath!!
I’ve seen Jeanfrançois Prins develop so fast in the last few years (I’m really proud of him). He’s becoming a real voice on the guitar with a warmth that’s all his own. His trio with Bruno Castellucci and Sal La Rocca is a perfect match with Lee. They ask the musical question “Is Now The Time?” Now Is The Time everytime when all the elements fall in place, as they do here.
Great tunes, with sensitive, creative improvisers that play with a deep sense of history and swing as they explore new places within the music.

Joe Lovano, master saxophonist and composer


Référence : GAM 915


  1. How Deep Is the Ocean? (Irving Berlin)11:54
  2. Is the Time Now? (Lee Konitz /Jeanfrançois Prins)09:43
  3. Lover Man (Davis/Ramirez/Sherman)12:25
  4. Solar (Miles Davis)12:42
  5. You Don’t Know What Love Is (Raye/De Paul)11:09
  6. Body and Soul (Green/Heyman/Sour/Eyton)08:43