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A self-made man, Italian/Belgian virtuoso drummer Bruno Castellucci has been a world-wide top-call musician for the last five decades.

One can hear him on hundreds of recordings, and thousands of live performances from the few leaders he played with for long periods, sometimes more than thirty or forty years, like Toots Thielemans, Peter Herbolzheimer, Jan Akkerman, to many other luminaries including Jaco Pastorius, Chet Baker, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Freddie Hubbard, Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz, Randy Brecker, Lee Konitz, Chaka Khan, Sammy Davis Jr., John Scofield, the Count Basie Big Band, Astor Piazzola, …. It would be much quicker to write a list of one’s favorite musicians he hasn’t played with…

Castellucci is a master, on top of his game. He has developed a personal sound and language, which he uses to support and enhance the message of the many musicians who play with him each day around the globe.

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Album Mixology live - Stéphane Mercier Belgian Jazz All Stars - GAM Music

New Release – Mixology live – out Now!

“Mixology live” by Stéphane Mercier Belgian Jazz All Stars live at the Tournai Jazz Festival is an extraordinary 8-piece set comprised of wide-ranging original compositions and a couple of newly-arranged standard songs.
This is an exceptional group of individuals, allowing for unusual combinations of instrumentations, styles and strong personalities all focusing on one common goal: playing great music together.
It features the talents of internationally renowned Belgian music masters: David Linx, Charles Loos, Jeanfrançois Prins, Nathalie Loriers, Vincent Bruyninckx, Fabrice Alleman, Daniel Stokart, Toine Thys, Paolo Loveri, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Nicolas Thys, and Bruno Castellucci.

Jean-Pierre Gebler - meggie-belgian-jazz-all-stars - GAM Music


Arranged by award-winning, world class composer/pianist Michel Herr, this Belgian all-stars band takes us on tour of Bebop, Cool and Hard Bop memory lane with much passion and warmth.

Jeanfrançois Prins - album-beauty-and-the-prince - GAM Music

Beauty & the Prince

Guitarist Jeanfrançois Prins has once again created a rich, multi-textured musical tapestry with a collection of grooving jazz standards, originals, and fusion tunes. The interaction between Prins and his band, each a world-renowned player in his own right, shows the intense listening and mutual inspiration felt by all.

lee-konitz jeanfrancois-prins live - GAM Music

Live at Manhattan Jazz Club

"Lee Konitz stands out as one of the most beautiful poets in this expansive music. He's been an inspired improviser all his life and it comes through his horn in every breath!!
Jeanfrançois Prins is becoming a real voice on the guitar with a warmth that's all his own. His trio is a perfect match with Lee." Joe Lovano