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World music vocalist Constanza Guzmán was born in Belgium of Chilean origins.

She studied at the Flemish Conservatory of Music in Brussels, and took courses in several Latin American countries (Chile, Argentina, Brazil).

Guzmán essentially dedicated her singing to jazz, with a main focus on South American music, through which she started her quest for her own roots. Numerous trips to Chile, Argentina and Brazil extended this exploration, and in turn motivated her to compose her own songs.
Her voice, her interiority and her charisma led several talented musicians to offer to collaborate with her (Pierre Van Dormael, Guillermo García de Quilapayún, …).

In her music, Constanza puts all her inner and vocal strength to propose a continuation of her own musical references, the “cantautores” that are Violeta Parra, Silvio Rodriguez, Victor Jara and Chico Buarque.

Constanza Guzmán has given concerts and performed in festivals in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Latin America.

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Album Melodías del Instante - Constanza Guzmán - GAM Music

Melodías del Instante

Chilean world music vocalist Constanza Guzmán’s warm and charismatic voice will give you goosebumps... She navigates from the low to the high notes with a disconcerting ease and naturalness.
In her new album "Melodías del Instante", she presents her own compositions, arranged by the virtuoso accordionist Tuur Florizoone, they are joined by Victor da Costa and Stephan Pougin to form an interactive quartet.
One is immersed in a universe where Constanza translates her artistic quest as a woman songwriter, and her militant attachment to "beauty" with themes that are dear to her such as nature, exile, the invisible, and love.