Melodías del Instante

Constanza Guzmán

Constanza Guzmán’s warm and charismatic voice will give you goosebumps… She navigates from the low to the high notes with a disconcerting ease and naturalness.

Coming from a Chilean family, Guzmán took her cultural origins and mixed them with various musical influences such as Latin American music, jazz and Brazilian music to offer a blend which makes her truly unique on the current European scene.

In her new album “Melodías del Instante”, she presents her own compositions, arranged by the virtuoso accordionist Tuur Florizoone, also a member of the group.

One is immersed in a universe where Constanza translates her artistic quest as a woman songwriter, and her militant attachment to “beauty” with themes that are dear to her such as nature, exile, the invisible, and love.

On this album, she is also surrounded by renowned musicians such as Victor da Costa on guitar and cavaquinho, and Stephan Pougin on percussions. Together and each with their own singular musical language, they form a very lively quartet where improvisation and expression are put forward in an original way.


Référence : GAM 1703


  1. Cántame Una Canción (Music & Lyrics: Constanza Guzmán)5:23
  2. Corre La Energía (Music & Lyrics: Constanza Guzmán)5:34
  3. Sentir (Music & Lyrics: Constanza Guzmán)5:39
  4. Tiempito Mío (Music: Constanza Guzmán/Tuur Florizoone, Lyrics: Constanza Guzmán)4:08
  5. O Nosso Girassol (Music: Constanza Guzmán/Tuur Florizoone, Lyrics: Constanza Guzmán)2:22
  6. Tierra que Sobra (Music: Constanza Guzmán/Tuur Florizoone, Lyrics: Constanza Guzmán)3:20
  7. Lamento no Mar (Music & Lyrics: Constanza Guzmán)5:00
  8. Alfonsina y el Mar (Music: Ariel Ramírez, Lyrics: Félix Luna)4:47
  9. Agua (Music & Lyrics: Constanza Guzmán)4:28
  10. Vem Sonhar (Music & Lyrics: Constanza Guzmán)4:54
  11. Eres Mi Sur (Music & Lyrics: Constanza Guzmán)1:52