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Brazilian guitarist Victor da Costa was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1971. He started learning the guitar at the age of 11. After studying music at the ‘Musiarte’ in Rio, he moved to Europe to perfect his skills. In 1993, he entered the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where he obtained a first prize in guitar in 1995, and in harmony in 1999.

It was not until 2000 that he returned to his native Brazil to spend 2 years there. During that time, da Costa played with many Brazilian musicians including Idriss Boudrioua, Dario Galante, Osmar Milito, Adriano Giffoni, and Luizão.

Back in Belgium since January 2002, Victor da Costa has performed in trio and with different ensembles in renowned venues and festivals, such as the concerts at the Botanique, the “Lundis d’Hortense” festival and the “Blue Note” in Ghent. Among the bands and musicians he has played with are: Philip Catherine guitar orchestra, Márcia Maria, Marito Correa, Steve Houben, Weber Iago etc. Also active as a composer, his works have been performed in Belgium, Brazil and Spain.

His first CD with the Victor da Costa trio “Cores de Lá” was released in May 2004 by Mognomusic.

In 2011, he participated with his band “Caçamba” in the Jazz Tour of the “Lundis d’Hortense”, which was followed by the release of the CD “Dito Cujo” by the German label Acoustic Music Records. The band released in 2015 the CD “Batendo Cancelas” by Homerecords.

Victor da Costa currently teaches at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and at the Hoofdstedelijke Academie voor Muziek.

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Album Melodías del Instante - Constanza Guzmán - GAM Music

Melodías del Instante

Chilean world music vocalist Constanza Guzmán’s warm and charismatic voice will give you goosebumps... She navigates from the low to the high notes with a disconcerting ease and naturalness.
In her new album "Melodías del Instante", she presents her own compositions, arranged by the virtuoso accordionist Tuur Florizoone, they are joined by Victor da Costa and Stephan Pougin to form an interactive quartet.
One is immersed in a universe where Constanza translates her artistic quest as a woman songwriter, and her militant attachment to "beauty" with themes that are dear to her such as nature, exile, the invisible, and love.