Daniel Stokart

Daniel Stokart - Belgian saxophonist - GAM Music

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soprano sax, flute


Daniel Stokart is a master Belgian jazz saxophonist.

A self-taught musician, he started his career by playing for different theater groups, for which he performed the musical parts (among others Théâtre du Miroir, Théâtre de la Balsamine, Théâtre du Sygne, Théâtre Varia, Opus Théâtre).

From 1983 until 1995 he was a member of “Combo Belge”, for which he composed a part of the repertoire and with which he performed in Belgium, France and Switzerland.
In order to complete his training, he registered at the jazz department of the Royal Conservatory in Brussels in 1988, where he earned his diploma (premier prix).
Known for his very free approach to improvisation, he played in many different bands:
Lamogoya (afro jazz), Gulfstream (latin jazz), Morton Fork Gang, Équinoxe (modern jazz).

He has also taken part in several “big” jazz projects, among which Pirly Zurstrassen’s H septet (with whom he forms a duo to play their own material), Arnould Massart’s group Avogadro, Louise Avenue together with cello player Jan Kijken and the Jazz octet of François Descamps.

For the time being he takes part in “Musique à Neuf”, Pirly Zurstrassen’s new project halfway between jazz and traditional music and Cheiro de Choro (Brazilian music), and is a regular member of the Jazz Station Big Band.
Stokart plays solo concerts during which he performs his compositions accompanied by a soundtrack.

He teaches in several music academies and gives workshops (such as the ones organised by “Les Lundis d’Hortense”).

Artist on GAM Records

Album Mixology live - Stéphane Mercier Belgian Jazz All Stars - GAM Music

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It features the talents of internationally renowned Belgian music masters: David Linx, Charles Loos, Jeanfrançois Prins, Nathalie Loriers, Vincent Bruyninckx, Fabrice Alleman, Daniel Stokart, Toine Thys, Paolo Loveri, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Nicolas Thys, and Bruno Castellucci.