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Belgian saxophonist extraordinaire Fabrice Alleman is one of the most important figures of today’s jazz in Belgium, both as a leader and as a sideman.

Alleman started his professional carreer as a musician in 1990, after completing his classical music studies at the Royal Conservatory of Mons, and in jazz at the Brussels Conservatory. He also followed a jazz clinic at the Manhattan School of Music.

Being interested in other musical idioms such as rock, pop, funk and even world music, and being prolific on the soprano, alto and tenor saxes as well as the flute and clarinet, he soon became a sought-after sideman.

Early on, Alleman had the opportunity to perform with some of the most prominent Belgian jazz musicians, a.o. Richard Rousselet, Eric Legnini, Michel Herr, Paolo Radoni, Guy Cabay, Mary Kay, Bruno Castellucci, etc…

In 1996, he founded a duo with guitarist Paolo Loveri: many concerts and tours, they recorded two CDs. In 1997, Alleman performed with US trumpet player Terence Blanchard in Luxemburg, with Garrett List & the New Belgian Big Band at the Liège festival, and as a guest with Kenny Werner at the Gaume Jazz festival. That same year, he received the “Nicolas Dor Prize” at the Liège festival with his new Quartet. The CD ” LOOP THE LOOP” was released in January 1998. It included some excerpts from the 1997 Liège performance, and additional studio recordings.

He has performed with several (large) ensembles such as Sax No End, Jambangle, Act Big Band, Ten-Tamarre, Michel Herr Nonet, the Beatles tribute “Jazz Me Do”, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, and Oratorio Ishango.

In 2004, the Fabrice ALLEMAN Quartet + guests released a new album: “Sides Of Life”. In June 2006, the Fabrice Alleman quartet made an appearance with US Master trumpeter Randy Brecker during the “Jazz à Liège Festival” (TV recording).

His duo with bassist/arranger Jean Warland has appeared in several concerts and festivals and has recorded the CD “The Duet”.

Fabrice Alleman was awarded the SABAM JAZZ AWARD in 2011.

For the last few years, Alleman has been regularly hired for different projects by heavyweight American bassist Reggie Washington, including his “New Vintage Acoustic” band, featuring Bobby Sparks, and E.J. Strickland.

Currently very active on the Belgian jazz scene, he still gets hired as sideman for other artists, occasionally in pop music (Salvatore Adamo, San Severino, William Sheller).

In 2017, Alleman released his most ambitious project to date, for which he asked Michel Herr to write the arrangements (and a few compositions): “Udiverse” (meaning Unity in Diversity), which features Alleman himself, Vincent Bruyninckx, Sam Gerstmans, Frédéric Jacquemin, Fred Favarel, Minino Garay, plus a chamber orchestra. The CD also features Philip Catherine as a special guest on one tune.

Fabrice ALLEMAN has also been teaching for several years, in schools (Académie de Baudour, Conservatoire de Bruxelles) and workshops.

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