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Frederik Emil Bülow won a Danish Music Award in 2014 with his Bangin’ Bülow’s Nice Jazz Quartet (BBNJQ).
BBNJQ recorded their third album ‘Let’s get weird’ in New York in 2016, which was produced by jazz guitarist Gilad Hekselman.
BBNJQ has toured in Europe, Russia and the United States.
From 2015, his Jazztronica quintet Abekejser has broken the boundary between Jazz and electronic music. They create original, innovative music that speaks to people of all generations. They released four singles, and in the fall of 2019, their debut album was released. They have toured in Europe and in Russia. Their second album was released in Sept 2021.
In the spring of 2017, Balvig / Bülow / Christensen’s debut album was released and they have since toured in Europe, India and Japan.
In 2017, Frederik formed the band JAF Trio with two of his Finnish friends -Adele Sauros and Joonas Tuuri. Shortly after, they were awarded The Rising Stars at the WeJazz Festival in Helsinki, Finland.
They released their debut album in July 2020 on WeJazz Records.
In 2018 and 2019 he has written music for his crossover ensemble called Misceo which is a collaboration between the classic string players Cieslak / Westerberg and the trio Rônkà / Bülow / Christensen. Their debut album was released in May 2020.
Frederik composes music for all his bands.
He works as well as a drum teacher at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark
Tour lifeFrederik has toured in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland,
Poland, Guinea, Greenland, India, Japan, China, Russia and the USA.
2014 DMA for “New Danish Jazz Name of the Year” with his quartet Bangin ‘Bülow’s Nice Jazz Quartet (BBNJQ)
2016 Award from the Denmarks Arts fond (Statens kunstfond) forBBNJQ’s 2nd album

2017 His band JAF Trio is awarded the prize The Rising Stars by the
Finnish record company / festival organizer WeJazz.
2019 His band Abekejser is awarded the Jazz Nyt Prize.
2021 He received a working grant from the Denmarks Arts fond (Statens kunstfond)

2018-2020 Soloist education at the Jutland Conservatory of Music
2015-2018 Nordic Master In Jazz (Nomazz)
Frederik has received lessons from Brian Blade, Kendrick Scott, Ari Hoenig, Aaron Goldberg, Gilad Hekselman and many others.
2012-2015 RM Bachelor at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus

“The record can be highly recommended to the jazz listener who needs to be challenged with some string instruments. Or
the classical music listener who has to hear one of the best Danish drummers of all time. ” – Niels Overgârd, Jazz Nyt

“Talented Frederik Biilow’s resilient and extremely dynamic drumming connects in a new way traditional rock-like 2- and 4-beats with the light and wild dancing that the older generation recalls from, for example, Jack DeJohnette and Jon Christensen. Jazz Special 2015

“Yes, then there is just polyrhythms behind it all. Frederik Bülow delivers technically difficult things as the most natural thing in the world. ” Peter Rahbek, Jazz Special

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Love’s Darknesses

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A dive into Antje's unique voice on the piano and as a composer, and the German and Nordic new generation of creative jazz musicians.