Love’s Darknesses

Antje Rößeler

This is Helsinki-based young German pianist/composer Antje Rößeler’s new post modern romantic instrumental and vocal jazz album “Love’s Darknesses”, featuring her Berlin trio, and her Swedish trio plus guests vocalist Sanna Ruohoniemi, and tenor saxophonist Birgitta Flick.

A dive into Antje’s unique voice on the piano and as a composer, and the German and Nordic new generation of creative jazz musicians.

”It is not often one hears such musical poetry as that coming from the pen and piano of Antje Rösseler.
She has managed to build her own very personal cosmos and it is a very pleasant one, but not without edge and exciting moments.
Together with her fellow musicians and vocalist Sanna Ruohoniemi, she is painting beautiful pictures of scandinavian melancholy and musical landscapes.
Enjoy!”  Nils Landgren – trombonist, singer and artistic director Jazz Baltica festival.

“Antje Rößeler is a pianist and composer who seeks and finds her own way.
In doing so, she refers to traditions, but always lets them appear in a new light.
This album takes you on a journey and never ceases to surprise”.
Julia Hülsmann – pianist, composer, ECM recording artist

All original lyrics featured on “Love’s Darknesses”


Référence : GAM 922


  1. Questions (Antje Rößeler)3:40
  2. Love's Darknesses (Antje Rößeler/Antje Rößeler)6:22
  3. Vardagsdröm (Sanna Ruohoniemi/Sanna Ruohoniemi)5:31
  4. Kinderstück 1 (Antje Rößeler)2:47
  5. Kinderstück 2 (Antje Rößeler)2:52
  6. No Moon at All (Redd Evans/Dave Mann)5:24
  7. Goodbye Stockholm (Antje Rößeler/Sanna Ruohoniemi)4:36
  8. Walk or Fly (Antje Rößeler/Antje Rößeler)5:47
  9. Liinan Laulu (Lina's Song) (Antje Rößeler/Sanna Ruohoniemi)5:34
  10. Helsingin Hiljaisuus (Helsinki's Silence) (Antje Rößeler)4:32
  11. Versteinerung (Antje Rößeler/Ute Strub)6:19
  12. Prayer (Antje Rößeler/Antje Rößeler)3:55
  13. Der Liebe Dunkelheiten (Antje Rößeler)5:18