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German bassist Sidney Werner was born in Berlin in 1993. At age 12 he started playing the electric bass along with his favourite recordings.
At 17 he started taking double bass lessons and went on to study at the Jazz Institute Berlin with Greg Cohen and Marc Muellbauer.
Since then he has become a sought after sideman in a variety of musical styles from jazz to accompanying singer songwriters to more experimental endeavors, always providing a strong
foundation and a very individual sense of sensitivity to any musical context.
He has played and toured extensively with acts such as the “Far East Trio”, Chris Dahlgrens “Dhalgren”, Natalie Greffel, “Hund und Hybris” and was the backbone of the “Omniversal Earkestra” for 6 years,
playing every monday in various basements in Berlin.
He has recently focussed more on his solo project “Billy the Mountain”, recording Bass experiments, coming back to the electric for the punk band “Knoochfleg” and working on music with his
noise/experimental Duo “Wirecutter” with Michael Hoppe. Their Debut “little faith” (Boomslang records) is to be released in late 2022.

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Album Love's Darknesses - Antje Rößeler - GAM Music

Love’s Darknesses

This is Helsinki-based young German pianist/composer Antje Rößeler's new post modern romantic instrumental and vocal jazz album "Love's Darknesses", featuring her Berlin trio, and her Swedish trio plus guests vocalist Sanna Ruohoniemi, and tenor saxophonist Birgitta Flick.
A dive into Antje's unique voice on the piano and as a composer, and the German and Nordic new generation of creative jazz musicians.