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tenor sax, soprano sax


Belgian saxophonist Toine Thys is a bold and reckless musician, a central figure for saxophone and bass clarinet in Europe, with a warm tone.

He is relentlessly stepping out of his comfort zone, jumping into new musical and human adventures. He is active as a leader of his own projects, and a much demanded sideman. He can be heard in Europe, as well as in Western Africa, Asia and Canada.

Thys leads the TOINE THYS TRIO with Arno Krijger (NL) on Hammond organ and drummer Karl Jannuska (CAN). They recorded their third album in New York « THE OPTIMIST » for Igloo records in 2019, featuring international stars SAM YAHEL on Hammond, HERVE SAMB on guitar, and drummer KARL JANNUSKA (⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jazzmag).

​Thys co-leads ORLANDO, a project with drummer Antoine Pierre and french musicians Florent Nisse (bass) and Maxime Sanchez (piano). They first album was awarded by the most prestigious Jazz award in Belgium: the Octave de la Musique in 2021, (⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jazzmag).

​His all-star band and cross-over group OVERSEAS, around his collaboration wih with egyptian oud player Ihab Radwan, Annemie Osborne (cello), Zé Luis Nascimento (percussions) and Harmen Fraanje (piano). They first album “Tamam Morning” got internationally acclaimed. At the crossroads of Arabic music and hijazz modes, jazz and tonal improvisation, classical music and rhythms of brazilian music, they play an evolving repertoire, made of clear, free and melodious compositions, (⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jazzmag, ⭐⭐⭐  Songlines), etc…

GURU.FARM (formerly known as DERvISH) gives life to his electronic experiment, and is a live band based in Belgium. With an all star team, with musicians Pat Dorcean (drums), Dries Laheye (bass) and David Thomaere (keys), they play a homegrown glossy- electroJazz, groovy, spacy and twisted. Transformed by electronics, the saxophone becomes synth and joins the rhythm section. Beat music!

​Toine Thys plays a solo project called LoFi-Sufi where he blends tenor saxophone sounds and electonics. He performs in this set up with dance and tight rope dancers.

​As a sideman, he is playing with such groups as Antoine Pierre’s URBEX, Laïla Amezian Sheikhs Shikhats, Afrikan Protokol (Burkina/Belgique), Bounce Trio (FR), Ben Monder (USA), Andrew D’Angelo, African griot Zouratié Kone Ensemble (Burkina Faso), Barm Weijtezrs CRAZY MEN,

​Together with trumpeter Laurent Blondiau, and supported by the French Speaking Governement of Belgium,  he founded in 2013 a wind instrument school in Burkina Faso : « LES VENTISTES DU FASO », and became a specialist in teaching brass instruments in African contexts (DRC, Benin, Kenya,..). This concept has been now extended to other African countries:  DRC (Congo Kinshasa), Senegal, Kenya and Benin…

Thys is very involved with musicians rights, and co-founded the Belgian musician Federation FACIR.

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Album Mixology live - Stéphane Mercier Belgian Jazz All Stars - GAM Music

New Release – Mixology live – out Now!

“Mixology live” by Stéphane Mercier Belgian Jazz All Stars live at the Tournai Jazz Festival is an extraordinary 8-piece set comprised of wide-ranging original compositions and a couple of newly-arranged standard songs.
This is an exceptional group of individuals, allowing for unusual combinations of instrumentations, styles and strong personalities all focusing on one common goal: playing great music together.
It features the talents of internationally renowned Belgian music masters: David Linx, Charles Loos, Jeanfrançois Prins, Nathalie Loriers, Vincent Bruyninckx, Fabrice Alleman, Daniel Stokart, Toine Thys, Paolo Loveri, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Nicolas Thys, and Bruno Castellucci.