Album Voices in Flight - Judy Niemack - Jay Clayton - GAM Music

Voices in Flight - New Release! Out Now!

New York City is the center of many worlds, the jazz world being one of them, and musicians have always felt the pull of the Big Apple. In 1977, California-born vocalist Judy Niemack’s improvisation teacher, saxophonist Warne Marsh, told her to move there if she wanted to be a jazz singer, and once she did, she never looked back. Niemack’s experiences in New York shaped her career and life, and by the early 80’s she realized her dream—to be professional jazz singer. However, in order to have a career as a jazz singer, it was necessary to perform abroad, and this led to her move to Europe in 1992, where she resided in Brussels and later in Berlin, teaching vocal jazz and performing.

The album “Voices In Flight" is the result of her collaboration with veteran vocalist Jay Clayton, a brilliant and highly influential improviser and teacher. Judy and Jay met in the late 1970s on New York City's vibrant music scene. At the time, Jay was performing avant-garde and experimental music in the jazz lofts and Judy had just arrived from California, making her debut at the Village Vanguard with Warne Marsh. Judy was on the lookout for inspired vocal improvisers and Jay fit the bill— a singer with her own sound, a free approach to improvising and an authentic way with a story. Over the years their friendship grew deeper and they became a source of inspiration for each other.

"Voices in Flight" marks their debut recording, with tracks featuring their voices together as well as in varied combinations with three internationally known jazz musicians. Accompanied by guitarist Jeanfrançois Prins, bassist Jay Anderson, and pianist John Di Martino, who create a brilliant and solid backing, they explore creative interplay in this musical mix, offering a diverse range of songs from the likes of Thelonious Monk and Kenny Dorham as well as poems, originals and re-arranged standards.
Using both lyrics and abstract sounds, the two vocalists communicate with ease while exploring the music's beauty and emotional depths. Their seamless collaboration is a testament to their mutual respect and admiration for each other.

All original lyrics and a short personal foreword by Judy Niemack of each song featured on "Voices in Flight"

Album Mixology live - Stéphane Mercier Belgian Jazz All Stars - GAM Music

New Release - Mixology live - out Now!

“Mixology live” by Stéphane Mercier Belgian Jazz All Stars live at the Tournai Jazz Festival is an extraordinary 8-piece set comprised of wide-ranging original compositions and a couple of newly-arranged standard songs.

Saxophonist/composer Stéphane Mercier was given a “Carte Blanche” by the Tournai jazz Festival, for which he reconvened most of the duo partners from his studio recording “Duology”, and presented them in a live, extended version (from duo to large ensemble).

This is an exceptional group of individuals, allowing for unusual combinations of instrumentations, styles and strong personalities all focusing on one common goal: playing great music together.

Joining Stéphane Mercier, “Mixology” features the talents of internationally renowned Belgian music masters: David Linx, Charles Loos, Jeanfrançois Prins, Nathalie Loriers, Vincent Bruyninckx, Fabrice Alleman, Daniel Stokart, Toine Thys, Paolo Loveri, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Nicolas Thys, and Bruno Castellucci.

Album Love's Darknesses - Antje Rößeler - GAM Music

Love's Darknesses

This is Helsinki-based young German pianist/composer Antje Rößeler's new post modern romantic instrumental and vocal jazz album "Love's Darknesses", featuring her Berlin trio, and her Swedish trio plus guests vocalist Sanna Ruohoniemi, and tenor saxophonist Birgitta Flick.

A dive into Antje's unique voice on the piano and as a composer, and the German and Nordic new generation of creative jazz musicians.

”It is not often one hears such musical poetry as that coming from the pen and piano of Antje Rösseler.
She has managed to build her own very personal cosmos and it is a very pleasant one, but not without edge and exciting moments.
Together with her fellow musicians and vocalist Sanna Ruohoniemi, she is painting beautiful pictures of scandinavian melancholy and musical landscapes.
Enjoy!”  Nils Landgren - trombonist, singer and artistic director Jazz Baltica festival.

“Antje Rößeler is a pianist and composer who seeks and finds her own way.
In doing so, she refers to traditions, but always lets them appear in a new light.
This album takes you on a journey and never ceases to surprise”.
Julia Hülsmann - pianist, composer, ECM recording artist

All original lyrics featured on "Love's Darknesses"

Album Melodías del Instante - Constanza Guzmán - GAM Music

Melodías del Instante

Constanza Guzmán’s warm and charismatic voice will give you goosebumps... She navigates from the low to the high notes with a disconcerting ease and naturalness.

Coming from a Chilean family, Guzmán took her cultural origins and mixed them with various musical influences such as Latin American music, jazz and Brazilian music to offer a blend which makes her truly unique on the current European scene.

In her new album "Melodías del Instante", she presents her own compositions, arranged by the virtuoso accordionist Tuur Florizoone, also a member of the group.

One is immersed in a universe where Constanza translates her artistic quest as a woman songwriter, and her militant attachment to "beauty" with themes that are dear to her such as nature, exile, the invisible, and love.

On this album, she is also surrounded by renowned musicians such as Victor da Costa on guitar and cavaquinho, and Stephan Pougin on percussions. Together and each with their own singular musical language, they form a very lively quartet where improvisation and expression are put forward in an original way.

Album Songs of Berlin - Berlin Jazz Orchestra feat. Marc Secara - GAM Music

Songs of Berlin - in our store and on all digital platforms now!

“Countless artists from all genres were inspired by Berlin - from Berlin icons like Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht to Pop giants such as David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Lou Reed. We’re very excited to pay this loving tribute to our great city!” - Marc Secara

In a collaboration with American arranger and producer JACK COOPER and American trombone legend JIGGS WHIGHAM, the BERLIN JAZZ ORCHESTRA feat. MARC SECARA presents all hues of contemporary Big Band Sound.

Revisiting many classic songs written about the city of Berlin, they pay tribute in an intimate yet extraordinarily energetic way to this multi-faceted and historically charged city, their city.


Album Underwater Steps - Tatiana Alamartine - GAM Music

Underwater Steps

French Crossover Music pianist and composer Tatiana Alamartine gently takes us into her personal, warm and entrancing underwater world of beauty, one where minimalist melodies and ethereal soundscapes combine with playful and interactive duos in the blue zone where classical, jazz and pop coexist.

"With Underwater Steps, Tatiana is presenting us with a wide variety of compositions and high-quality guests. It is a gentle oddissey, where one’s attention is captured by her splendid piano touch, a deep feeling, and above all else lots of authenticity”.

Nora Kamm, German Saxophonist, flutist and composer, based in Paris

Album Avant un Reve - Loos/Prins/Walnier - GAM Music

Avant Un Rêve

Three stellar Belgian musicians from both the jazz and classical scene form this unique "chamber jazz" constellation (piano, guitar, and cello), to offer us an original repertoire full of heart-stirring melodies, entrancing soundscapes, and interactive and highly dynamic improvisations.

"…journeying from introspective to extroverted, from high-flying to deeply rooted, but always searching for melodic and harmonic beauty. This is a beautiful trip, in mutual respect, complicity, lyricism, and sometimes with a hint of mystery."
Michel Herr, pianist, composer, arranger

Maria Palatine Album my-voice-is-my-plea - GAM Music

My Voice is My Plea

Welcome to Maria Palatine's unique musical universe, where her crystal clear voice and virtuoso harp playing are the paint brushes she uses effortlessly to convey her take on our world, its utter beauty and desolation, where humans experience extreme joys and heartbreaking pains, and where her love for mother earth is shared by her: a strong voice of 21st century womankind - without compromise or corruption. Like her music: pure and universal.

"My Voice is My Plea is somewhere between jazz, Chamber music, Peter Gabriel, and Sting!" Bastien Gilson, multi award-winning sound engineer


This pure jazz guitar trio album was recorded just a few days after the September 11, 2001 attack on NYC.

The trio felt that even though it was hard to think about anything else, it was therefore even more important than usual to focus on sharing music without concessions, artifices and judgements with each other, and ultimately sending all that positive energy out in the world.

"This CD is very much like a set we would play live, as we recorded most of the tunes in one take, and the sequence of the tunes is in the order in which we recorded them. I guess one could say "recorded live in the studio"". Jeanfrançois Prins

"After each tune, we would find ourselves talking about the events of September 11th. It seemed to me that because of our raised consciousness, there was a real sense of abandonment to our playing that resulted in a real looseness in the music. We play because we have a burning and passionate love for music". Steve Davis

Light - Jeanfrançois Prins - Steve Davis - Larry Kohut

Jean-Pierre Gebler - meggie-belgian-jazz-all-stars - GAM Music


A close friend of jazz legends, including Chet baker, Dexter Gordon, Bud Powell and Gerry Mulligan since the late '50s, Jean-Pierre Gebler developed a warm, soft tone on the baritone sax, and a deep knowledge and love for the West Coast, Bop, Cool Jazz, and Post Bop repertoire.

Arranged by award-winning, world class composer/arranger/pianist Michel Herr, Meggie by Jean-Pierre Gebler and this Belgian jazz all stars band takes us on a tour through Jazz memory lane with much passion and warmth.